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Rinu Roy

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This tutorial will show you how to allow your attendees to register for your webinar using Facebook. Both the video and the text below it explain the same process.

Go to Facebook For Developers and register your app. The Facebook documentation on how to register your app is here. Basically, this requires that you first convert your Facebook account to a Developer Account and register your app using the App Dashboard.

Note that when creating your app, and you’re asked “What do you need your app to do?”, choose the “Build Connected Experiences” option. We choose this option because we will be using the Facebook Login functionality. Here is what that screen looks like:

In the following screen, provide an app name and your email address then click on “Create App.” 

Note that upon creation your app will be in “development mode”, which limits app access to users who have a role on your app. You will need to change this to Live mode before you go live. This however requires that you submit your app for review by Facebook. You may read more about Development Mode here.

After your app has been created, you will be presented with a list of products you can add to the app. Choose “Facebook Login” and click on its “Set up” button.

On the following screen, select Web.

On the following screen, paste in the url of your website. NB: Ensure that your website has a ssl certificate installed. Note that the Facebook registration won’t work if your website url does not start with ”HTTPS”.

After pasting in your website url, click on “Continue”.

Now, on the left hand side menu, under “Facebook Login” click on ”Settings”. Your screen will be like so:

In the “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs” field, paste in the url of your webinar registration page. Save the changes. 

You now need to get the App Id and Secret for Webinarignition. To get these, go to the settings page for your app; on the left menu, go to Settings, and then Basic. Copy these values and paste them into Webinarignition.

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