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To get free elementor templates:

Go to your WordPress installation search for Webinar in plugins and install & activate plugin.

Next opt-in to Email updates and start your free 30 days trial.

With the next email you get the templates directly inside your email postbox.

Also you get a lot of "Webinar Success onboarding emails".

You can opt-out from emails and trial anytime and still keep the templates.

PS: Templates are filled with german language and ready for any of your content.
Sure when you install WebinarIgnition in english all Shortcodes content will be in english.

PPS: This Template Kit includes:

Templates: 1 Popup

Site Settings: Global Colors | Global Fonts | Typography | Buttons | Images | Form Fields | Background | Layout | Lightbox | Custom CSS

Content: 1 Post | 6 Pages | 13 Landing Pages

Only published templates will be imported/exported.

Tipp: Use Elementor Theme "Hello Elementor" to hide/alter the global theme header.

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