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By Tobias B. Conrad (Saleswonder)

Last Update hace 20 días

All current licenses will continue working.
Please be aware that we restrict licenses, to the bought amount, from server side.

New System will provide a lot more inside the plugin:
  • Account setup
  • Invoices
  • Move license between sites
  • Upgrade freemius license from e.g. Pro to Ultimate without loosing any $.
  • Affiliation with 40%+ commission
    Benefits you can earn money by promoting.
  • Upgrade license from old to new system (we will give a coupon inside plugin instead)
    Benefits when you have your current license active, you can click "see offer" and get a the new ultimate license with all new and upcoming features, with a huge discount.

    New features*
  • Shortcodes*
    Benefits: For every frontend page (Registration, Thank you, Webinar, replay, Countdown) you get a set of shortcodes which you can layout/style in your favorite page builder.
  • Multiple CTAs*
  • In live webinar: You can prepare a set of CTA´s and enable them with one click.
  • In Evergreen webinars you can auto trigger the CTA´s by time the video is running.

Super charged free version:

  • a) Live webinars for free, no limitations (was already there)
  • b) Evergreen/automated Webinar: 50 free registrations per month (to setup, see/use all)
  • c) 14 Trial version with 500 registrations (to test if auto webinar is the right solution)
    b) and c) with all features, including the upcoming features.

New system released in version 2.2.4+ 05.02.2021
Be sure you update your 1.0.x, 2.x version to get the updates.
The update is in more than one update step, so just check for updates until you see version is 2.2.4+ OR Download here


  • All User with versions 1.9.x can be upgraded to the latest version
    Version 1.9.x user upgrade by the download version! The plugin gets deactivated by an error. Please enable the plugin again and keep updating.
    Benefits: You get all fixes to run your webinars smooths on the latest WordPress.
    Update will be shown in WP updates when we checked and make migration possible.

*active with the ultimate license and in trial and free version

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