"This Webinar Is Unpublished" What To Do When Your Registration Form Won't Show.


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If you're seeing the message "This Webinar Is Unpublished. Publish It To Show" instead of your registration form, it is because your webinar is not yet published; in other words, it is still in "draft" mode. You will need to publish the webinar to make it available to all users.

To publish a webinar, 

go to the dashboard of the single webinar and 

toggle its status from "Draft" to "Published," as in the Screenshot below.

Click "Save & Update"

PS: Clean cache if you are using a cache plugin.

PS: We added the draft mode to have the same function WordPress provides on pages.

PPS: To hide a registration page totally:
We create a default registration page on creating the webinar, this page you can set to draft and webinar registration will be hidden.
Hint: This page is needed to make this webinar working.

Roadmap: As we move towards being more like WordPress we will make add webinars pages like adding pages in WordPress on the new version around 2024.

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