Secure webinars, version 2.3.0+

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General: Since Version 2.3.0 on new created webinars, plugin add security to the webinar. You could disable it in extra settings tab.

Some have issues to be redirected to homepage when directly access webinar, thank you page in browser incognito mode by any URL without a token.

The token user get on normal webinar flow: Register, redirected to thank you page and then to webinar page. All links, also inside mails, are protected.

If you copy your preview link without a token, paste in an incognito browser window it will redirect you to homepage. This is to secure your webinar otherwise all others can use your preview link to access webinar without registration or payment.

Tip: Enable security also in current webinars. (Go to "Extra settings" tab)

User workflow security (Changelog part from version 2.3.0)

* Added: Check that one attendee can not enter the webinar twice

* Added: In webinar, thank you page, ... URL replace webinar ID & user ID with token

* Added: New Webinar get "protected" by default

* Added: Replace all links in emails, txt (sms) messages with protected

* Added: Settings for protected data (extra settings tab): Protected webinar ID, lead ID, Single Lead only

* Added: Redirection Page URL, redirect when user want to access without permission (Default: home)

* Added: Possibility to change current webinars (live/evergreen) to "protected" webinars

Benefit: Best when you have paid webinars, incognito meetings and to ensure get the mail address in return for the webinar


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Roadmap (September 2022):
Close webinar so user could not come back unless reregister (if you allow them)
Webinar is watched till end by user

- Redirect to URL if redirect set


- Show "webinar is over" page

Webinar is not watched till end by user

- Replay time is not yet over, then show "webinar" page


- Redirect to URL if redirect set


- Show "webinar is over" page

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