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Overview of different type of chats:

  • Group chat/Social chat
  • 1:1 chat

Possible Chat/CTA positions:
Chat can be viewed in overlay (over the video) 

Chat can be viewed in sidebar tabs 

Can be triggered by time (evergreen only) 

Can be manually trigger (live only),

more details, about the positions possible and how to setup, in this article

Access default settings: In your WordPress backend 

go to menu item "WebinarIgnition" then "Webinars" 
select/create a live or evergreen Webinar

in tabs go to "Auto Webinar" or "Live Webinar" 

open accordion "Question / Answer Area"

Add code/Iframe </a href> to text tab 

Add Shortcodes [shortcode] to the design tab

To have the Chat shown on time and if code field not working:

  • Hide Q&A section by select "Hide Q&A" in "Question / Answer Area" section.
  • Hide gift section by click "Hide Giveaway Block" in "Auto Webinar" "Live Give Away"
  • Add chat timed to a normal CTA in
    "Auto Webinar" -> "Auto Webinar Actions"

Overview services and how to setup

1:1 chats: 

Group/Social chats


Search for chat integrations: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/chat/

Let a chat bot answer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/chatbot/
PS: Tawk.to will have a chat bot to maybe soon.

Disqus free and paid discussions


Use the Universal code to add discussion to your WebinarIgnition.

This video will show how you can use a free/paid/any service for a live chat system...
The mentioned example livefyre does not exists anymore. The shown webinar room design is old.

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