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Why Group Chats?

Host can ask the audience traditional raising hands questions like
"Are you using WebinarIgnition for longer than 6 months?"

"How much experience you have with...?"

Or the audience can ask questions like

"Is there a conference meeting software like ZOOM for free?" -> Jitsi Meet


1) How is attendees name, email autofilled in the chat? 

Most plugins use the WordPress logged in user data.
when attendee registered and the auto login option is enabled (which is by default) the attendee data is filled out, also if the fields are not visible. 

2) Can I show the chat permanently?

Sure, you can permanently show the chat in the webinar page template with sidebars. I preferred do it via the Call to Actions, but also the modern webinar tabs are possible.

Or you can create your own webinar pages with the chat and the webinar functions added via shortcodes.

3) How can I add webinar functions like chats via shortcodes?

Find the right plugin in 9000 free plugins with Shortcodes by clicking here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/shortcode/

(Or search & load plugins directly inside WP via "Add new Plugin" by search "shortcode chat")

4) Why WebinarIgnition has not a build in chat functionality?

Generally we give you the possibility to choose from 9000+ plugins. So chat functionality is only one of them. And you can choose between different solutions.
On live webinars there is a 2-way built in chat.

5) What is the roadmap for the future?

Far away future plans are to develop our own chat. Beside the normal functionality the chat is supposed to involve time triggered "fake" messages or answers to trigger actions and show "fake" attendee numbers. All together these functions foster the "herd instinct" among the attendees.

Two plugins and built in chat to be introduced, see the articles below

All are standalone (non 3rd party dependent).
Benefits: They run completely on your own server.

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