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Why Group Chats?

Host can ask the audience traditional raising hands questions like
"Are you using WebinarIgnition for longer than 6 months?"

"How much experience you have with...?"

Or the audience can ask questions like

"Is there a conference meeting software like ZOOM for free?" -> Jitsi Meet


1) How is attendees name autofilled in the chat? 

For that you need some custom code. We did this for you in Simple Ajax Chat. For other plugins just write us in the chat.

2) Can I show the chat permanently?

Sure, you can permanently show the chat in the webinar page template with sidebars. 

Or you can create your own webinar pages with the chat and the webinar functions added via shortcodes.

3) How can I add webinar functions like chats via shortcodes?

Find the right plugin in 9000 free plugins with Shortcodes by clicking here:

(Or search & load plugins directly inside WP via "Add new Plugin" by search "shortcode chat")

4) Why WebinarIgnition has not a build in chat functionality?

Generally we give you the possibility to choose from 9000+ plugins. So chat functionality is only one of them.

5) What is the roadmap for the future?

Far away future plans are to develop our own chat. Beside the normal functionality the chat is supposed to involve time triggered "fake" messages or answers to trigger actions and show "fake" attendee numbers. All together these functions foster the "herd instinct" among the attendees.

Two plugins to be introduced:

Both are standalone (non 3rd party dependent) plugins.
Benefits: They run completely on your own server.

I) Use Wise Chat

(Or load directly inside WP via "Add new Plugin")

Key features

  • Multiple chat channels (one or multiple chats per webinar)
  • Default styles available (No need to style the chat)
  • Free and open source version (recommended) as well as paid version available
  • Coming soon: The name of the registered attendee used as the chat users name

Below you can copy & paste the modified shortcode to show the chat.
Default shortcode is [wise-chat channel="any-name"]


How to add a new chat channel (for multiple chats)?
Add shortcode with a new channel="any-name" to any page (also the webinar room), submit a massage and a new channel is created.

Documentation especially about the shortcode:

Ideas when and where to show the Chat(s):

Time based:
inside the CTA (Call-to-Actions) in video overlay
or in sidebar tab
Permanent in sidebar tab

II) Use Simple Ajax Chat

(Completely free & open source) as webinar group chat: 

(Or load directly inside WP via "Add new Plugin")

a) Contra: Warning! Use the shortcode [sac_happens] only once in the webinar room! In sidebar OR CTA! It shows both chats but only the first loaded is working well ;-)

b) Contra: Plugin only provides one chat channel!

c) Contra/Pro: Plugin on some themes takes the style from theme and you need to style with CSS

d) Pro: Plugin use the name of the registered attendee

Do you want a 1 column chat in sidebar? Add following CSS here:

WP-Backend / Settings / Simple Ajax Chat / Plugin settings / Appearance / Custom CSS styles

Do you want to auto delete chat content:

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