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In this Video you will learn in easy steps how to add webinar registration functionality to your designed webinar landing pages.

In this post you will learn in easy steps how to add webinar registration functionality to your designed webinar landing pages.

Like our evergreen DEMO page:

Compared your own design to the standard WebinarIgnition registration page for evergreen/automated webinars.

Also available for live webinars.

Not all licenses provide shortcodes! Please make sure you have an Ultimate trial or paid license to style live webinars with shortcodes.

You can test all features in free license in evergreen webinars with limited registrations (50 registrations per month).

PS: If you are on a basic, premium, enterprise license ordered before 01/2021 please trial or buy an ultimate license to make styling with shortcodes possible.

Step by step tutorial to add webinar registration form to your own designed landing page.

To be prepared and that you can start setup your style.

Be sure you published, saved your registration page and created an evergreen webinar.

Please open WordPress admin area.

Open a evergreen webinar,

moved to "Design/Template" tab,

scrolled to "Select Registration page template",

selected the published registration page and

click save.

Now copy the shortcode for the registration.

Scroll to "Select Registration page template" again.

Copy the first shortcode. 

Like this only with a different ID: [wi_webinar_block id="24" block="reg_optin_section"]

Next move to our created registration page by click "Preview Registration Page"

click "Edit page" in admin bar,

In my case the oxygen page builder opens.

What was prepared already:

Added, styled and linked the modal window to the register button.

Please choose to add a shortcode to the modal

Next add the copied shortcode

and see, a in this case un styled, preview of the registration form.

Save & preview the page.


Let us have a look what you can do with the other registration shortcodes.

Last 2 shortcodes in the registration section allow you to show dates selection and optin fields without heading and if you like in one or two columns.

If you like your own headers above the registration form, 

move back to the "Design/Template" tab copy the two shortcodes and can replace the existing one with them.

Now please add the headers and text you like to add via your editor.

If you like to style with your own CSS/Style

In "Design/Template" tab, is also an option "disable styles" completely so you can style all by yourself or by the help of a designer.

Next change the green button color to you own color.

Move to "Registration" tab and then open the last accordion

setup the color, save and review the results by clicking "Preview Registration Page" on top of the page.

Additionally to make the setup complete add or remove registration fields

You can do it in the same accordion you can change the button color ("Registration" tab and then open the last accordion).

Thats all thanks for be her until the end and styling your webinar registration page with me.

In my eyes it is worth to invest getting an nice styled registration page ;-)

Thats not all: WebinarIgnition provides shortcodes for all webinar related pages like:

registration-, confirmation-, countdown-, webinar-, replay-pages.

The other pages can be designed and shortcodes could be added the same way as in the registration page.

Available Shortcodes

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