Shortcodes, Pop-up Modals, and Responsive Layout


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A video showing how WebinarIgnition is more flexible than ever with its support for more shortcodes. In the Ultimate version, Webinarignition is so flexible you can use it with any page builder or template, giving you plenty of freedom to design your webinar pages as you please.

PS: Only one shortcode of a kind can be used per page. Also the shortcodes loaded in popup.

Double shortcodes lead to empty output!
PPS: Adding custom (JS / CSS) via the extra settings page will not work with shortcodes.

Please add the (JS / CSS) directly to the page needed. It only work with the standard design webinar pages.

Font fix! When add webinar registration shortcode in Thrive Architect, when your site is using Impreza theme

Thrive Architect and when activate Impreza theme the registration form makes a mix of un-sans-serif and un-sans-serif in the dropdown:

To avoid it add the code below on the registration page in Thrive Architect settings (Gear wheel) in "Custom CSS":

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