Your version is below 2.3 without autoupdate?

Read how to update(download) WebinarIgnition

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Last Update 2 years ago

Video: Update webinar plugin inside WP

Video shows:

How to Update from 1.x, 1.8.x 2.0.x to 2.5.3

Use the license system before 01/2021

Opt-in and use Freemius license system


If you are below version 2.3, the plugin is activated and no update is showing inside plugins:

Please DELETE the webinar plugin FIRST

No webinar data will be lost. Backup anyway to be 100% secure.

Download new plugin:

  1. Go to the WP Admin Backend
  2. Plugins -> add new plugin 
  3. search for "WebinarIgnition"
  4. install and activate

After that you will get the latest version and all further updates through

Warning: If you do not delete first and activate the 2. plugin you will get an fatal error.

Please see what has changed since your used version.
Benefits: You see if an issue, you had, is solved or a feature you like is added.

You will find the changelog here:

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