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Rinu Roy

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Before chatting with us!

It will save you time and could solve your issue quicker.

  1. Please check plugin version (latest see here)
  2. Test when you are not logged in (like your attendees will do)
  3. Test in an browser incognito window
  4. Check PHP if 7.4+, critical issue (
  5. Deactivate plugins, use default theme to test (See video below please)
  6. If issue is still there with server details checked, all other plugins deactivated, standard theme used than please contact our support. (Details see last chapter below)

Start a search in the search bar above

The fastest help is to search through the knowledge base first with a single word like "ZOOM", "SMTP", "Integration"

Often a small detail of information is needed to succeed.

KB Articles are very detailed, so a good chance to get a solving detail there.
Also we add when there are problems with other plugins so search for "WP Rocket".

Start a conversion via the Chat icon

Your request via chat is save. If we not answer right away, we answer via email.

Sorry for the experience,

Best regards the WebinarIgnition Team

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