I bought license on WebinarIgnition.com how to activate the license key?

I bought the key after January 2021

Ehtisham Ul Haq

Last Update a year ago

First of all thank you for buying a license and support the plugin. 

Easy Activate the license key when installing the premium version from the user dashboard on freemius or the purchase confirmation mail. After activation the plugin ask you for the key.

Or if you want to activate the key in free version:

Please click on "WebinarIgnition" under the account then click "Account" and follow these steps!

Note: In some cases, you need manually sync freemius account info to activate the license for your plugin. In order to do this, visit the "Account" page and click the "Sync" link at the top right corner. Or on the plugins page click the "Activate license" link below "WebinarIgnition" plugin title.


enter the license key from here or your account dashboard  click "update license"

Note: if you don't receive it or you do not have a license key just click on "can't find your license key" and we send your license key to your email address.

PS: The easiest to buy license and get it activated right away way is maybe buy it directly inside the plugin.

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