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If you want to integrate WebinarIgnition fully into your marketing funnel you will love this information.

Tags or lists that show the status of the attendee

Tags and lists can be unlimited used.
So you always know the attendee status of every webinar.
Upselling: Webinar A (free) attended, then offer webinar B (paid)

CRM fields filled with last/registered webinar details

Idea: Use fields details to start notification before or invite to the next after webinar.

If you like to have your attendee registered and reminded in more than one webinar at a time, you need to add a set of fields per webinar. (I suggest let WI plugin remind the users)

Triggers when data is sent:

  • registered
  • attended (watched replay)
  • bought

Your freedom of data sending:
You can sent all data/fields from the registration form builder.

You can map(connect) fields values, to match your/target systems field name.

You can compare fields values, to only trigger: tags, lists, ... when condition is given.

You can combine mapping and comparing of fields.

  1. top is newer, shorter and shows the changes and the webhook view.
  2. second video goes more in deep and really shows how to connect and test connection.
You can find settings in
WP menu
under WebinarIgnition/settings
in the "webhooks" tab


  • Ultimate Trial/Paid license only can see/use the Webhook tab.
  • Later this will change bit.

Setup and testing like in the video


Update 2022.07.05

use optName as first name and/or full name.

default webinar fields are "optName" + "optEmail"


  • Templates for mapping 
  • Templates for comparing values
  • Test transfer/setup for all licenses (test transfer with latest user of each webinar)
  • Mass transfer all contacts after initial setup or alter settings.
  • Your ideas/needs.

Template examples will be included:

  • FluentCRM
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
    Examples are tested and need to be altered with your list and tag IDs and custom fields, ...
    You could use the examples as a great start also if your provider is not listed.

Webinar Webhooks update when a new webinar is added and you want to transfer attendees on register and attended

Alternative to webhooks:
Please see also the sending of data via HTML subscription code in the article below.
Create a form, which sent the attendees to the right list add the right tags. 

And match the fields could be easier to setup. 

Be sure that you only need the contacts without the extra information like attended, bought, watched replay.

PS: KlickTipp (information about the provider) is FULLY connected via the WP2LEADS plugin (article here) because KlickZipp not providing nice webhooks. Alternatively connect via zapier.

Article will be continuously updated.

Webhooks added in version 2.9.2.x

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