#Seamless integration in your funnel/marketing/CRM

From less click registration, to attended- and purchased status


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Graphic above shows the user data flow circle

  • (A) Use data from any where like a CRM
  • (B) Sent data via parameters in an link
  • (C) Let WebinarIgnition do
  • the registration (email will be not changeable),
  • the reminding and the webinar
  • (D) Sent (back) user status (registered, attended, ...) to anywhere via webhooks

A full trackable funnel part is possible and your CRM can respond on every status.

  • Like registration link clicked, but not registered.
  • Registered but not attended in time (you know the webinar start date&time)
  • Attended but not purchased (sales known via our pixel or a CRM Tag/List)

Repeat unlimited times

Graphic above shows the ability to have unlimited webinar circles connected to each other.

Use cases:

From version 3.07.0+ If you place the WebinarIgnition registration inside an membership area where the users are logged in, WebinarIgnition fills out the name and email automatically and sure you do not want them to change the email address.
With "?readonly=true" at the end of the registration page URL you get name and email filled and email field read only. How cool is that.

Below even go further and add read only to registration page settings and in shortcode (Not done yet):


Webhooks are already implemented see the article linked below.
Also connect the E-Mail Marketing services via HTML is possible


Less click registration for evergreen webinars are not yet implemented.

if feedback is good, we force to implement (B) Sent data via parameters in an link
  • which allows to sent data via placeholder in links (more advanced to the live webinar 1-click-registration)
  • Add the possibility to instant or delayed register evergreen webinar users by a parameter in the URL
  • Secure the email field to be not altered
    so user can be identified through the whole funnel by his email address
  • Easy link creation inside the registration form builder
  • Security token so registration is not been used by others

If you have an idea or question: Please share with us, via in the chat.

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