What are the recommended server system requirements?


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Note that WebinarIgnition's processes are not very resource-intensive. This is especially so if you will using a third-party streaming service (like Youtube Live) since the video-processing will be handled by that third-party's server, not your own.

At the very least, we however recommend that your server meets the requirements for wordpress to run without issues. According to wordpress, these requirements are

  • PHP version 7.4+
  • MySQL version 5.6+ or MariaDB version 10.1+
  • HTTPS support

Beyond this, your requirements will depend on the number of attendees you expect to have. The more attendees you have, the more server resources your webinar will consume. It is thus advisable, especially if you expect to have many attendees, to use dedicated hosting with sufficient amounts of memory, preferably at least 500mb. 

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