What are the recommended server system requirements?

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Note that WebinarIgnition's processes are not very resource-intensive. This is especially so if you will using a third-party streaming service (like Youtube Live) since the video-processing will be handled by that third-party's server, not your own.

At the very least, we however recommend that your server meets the requirements for wordpress to run without issues. According to wordpress, these requirements are

  • PHP version 7.4+
  • MySQL version 5.7+ or MariaDB version 10.2+
  • HTTPS support

Beyond this, your requirements will depend on the number of attendees you expect to have. The more attendees you have, the more server resources your webinar will consume. It is thus advisable, especially if you expect to have many attendees, to use dedicated hosting with sufficient amounts of memory, preferably at least 500MB. 


Which hosting needed for WebinarIgnition more than 1000 live participants in one live meeting?

Mark (Webinar Expert since decades) answered:

​We never really got the size needed down to a science, however what we ended up using was a Virtual Private server with 8 cores, 32 GB of memory and 160GB of storage. We were able to sustain an event with almost 300 attendees with no issues.

​​We currently use us.ovhcloud.com for our server farm and I believe the cost is around $100/month.

​8 cores, 32 GB of memory and 160GB of storage for 300 attendees

24 cores, 96 GB of memory for 900 attendees

Why need so much hardware?

​Because WebinarIgnition is checking and updating following (which you can reduce/disable to save hardware):

  • Call-to-Action publish/up to date (can not deactivate)
  • Security: Only one attendee per registration (/Extra settings/Secure Access/)
  • QA Chat Refresh Period (seconds): every 20 seconds (/Live webinar/Questions & Answer Area/)

​We use that amount because in the Webinar *Live Console* the staff needs to answer the question, so a delay is not a thing.

​You can also add an external Chat service to reduce server load. (Script field not yet working v 2.9.0)

​You can stress test with free loader.io website​

​I hope that helps


​PS: An auto scale up server would be the finest solution. Like AWS where you can get hardware for a specific time and then reduce it again. We tested it will not scale up fast enough on quick server load like the 10 seconds on loader.io or all attendees join the live event.

​So you manually need to setup and guess a minimal hardware and compare after with the load during the webinar.

​E.g. when you got x registrations, y show up and need z hardware. So if you know x you can calculate z. It will be more close from time to time.

​It will be still cheaper than SASS and hosted webinars services.

​PLEASE update us in chat with your hardware, attendees amount and settings.

Suggestion try: Auto-Scalable WordPress Cluster on https://massivegrid.com/wordpress-in-paas/ 

  • It also may not scale up fast enough automatically on live webinars. 
  • So you need to set it up manually when you going live and reduce it again when "OFF Air". 
  • Starting from $36.79 / month

One more hosting

25000 visitor for around 5$ a months at https://10web.io/?_from=saleswonder-llc we use it on WebinarIgnition.com.

Pagerank 90+ garanteed.

When you check your page in Browser Incognito mode and its working then this will be your hosting.

We did not do any speed, stress test with the webinar plugin on this server yet.

You are welcome to share your tests, usage stats and we promote your webinar when sharing your facts.

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