Former: Get license, plugin & all ultimate features

Read if you bought your license before 25.01.2021


Last Update 3 maanden geleden

  1. Login in to to get your license key created.
    Password reset if needed.
    When looked in look for the "Your Active Keys ::" section
    Copy your key
  2. Get the plugin here
    or directly in WordPress/your site under Plugins "Add new plugins" and search for "WebinarIgnition".
  3. Add the key and your email address to the plugin to activate your ultimate features.

You can use each key once and get more via the chat support.

Welcome to your maintained Webinar plugin with all features

PS: see this page for

  • comparison Basic/Pro/Enterprise : Ultimate,
  • what was done (since 01/2021 under new ownership),
  • roadmap
  • What will be changed with released version 3

PPS: If you experience issues, please use the chat on this page and we will be lucky to help you.

PS: An 2.x version can be downloaded here:

With that version you get your former features and unlimited registrations.

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