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Use video on registration, thank you page, webinar room


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Autoplay MP4 videos on registration, thank you page

New from version 2.14.0 2022.12.16


  • Use Youtube to free host your videos and get some clutter
    (links, related videos, they can also delete your video, ...)
  • Or host on Vimeo, ... pay and share user data with them and have less clutter
  • Or use own/external hosted MP4 videos (my recommendation)

Use own hosted MP4 videos

  • To have videos nice and clean
    maybe pay a bit more for the hosting
  • To fit perfectly into your style 
    use the player from WP/Gutenberg or your theme or your page builder or from an plugin
    in combination with the WebinarIgnition registration shortcode. See KB article below
  • To have nice playing and resuming videos inside the webinar room. See KB article below

Youtube embedded

1) autoplay, muted, looping, only show own related videos when paused (please replace [video ID]):

2) no autoplay play on click of the red button, audio, only show own related videos (please replace [video ID]):

Read further about the topic and about the the possibilities of the video player we are using

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