Shortcode Sign Up Widget [wi_webinar id='105'] (outdated), new solution

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Was only available for Live webinars for license holder bought a license before 01/2021.

We give NO support to the outdated Shortcode Sign Up Widget.
Because from version 2.10.1 (2022.07.23) we offer a new shortcode coming from the ultimate version for free. See articled linked at the end.

  • The language of the widget follows the site language and not taking the webinar language.
  • The date & time format is english and not changeable.
  • Adding of new fields via the form builder is limited.
  • Page you add the shortcode is not a replacement of the default registration page

The widget will be soon removed. 

Current will continue working as described.

We implemented new complete set of shortcodes inside the design/Shortcodes tab.

You get shortcode

  • working in common page builder
  • in the webinar language
  • in the webinar date&time format
  • full form builder support, all fields are shown in shortcode
  • and the page you add the shortcode is a replacement of the default registration page when selected on the design/shortcodes page

PS: The former Shortcode Sign Up Widget [wi_webinar id='105'] will still work for a while but is not maintained anymore.

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