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How To Send WebinarIgnition Notifications Via An SMTP Server


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What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an easy way to send email from one server to another. Services like SendGrid, Postmark, Mailgun, and sendinbue, among others, provide an SMTP service that allows you to deliver your email via their servers instead of your own client or server. Sending your notification emails in this way increases their deliverability since SMTP servers are especially configured to ensure that your emails reach users’ inbox and don’t end up in their junk mail folders.

Finding & Setting Your SMTP Server Settings

To send your Webinarignition notification via an SMTP service, you need to first find the settings for your SMTP server. We will guide you to finding these settings for the Sendgrid service below. As with all SMTP services, you basically need to know the SMTP credentials to specify in Webinarignition for your notifications to be sent via your desired SMTP server. These SMTP details are 1. The SMTP Host (for example, or, 2. the SMTP Port, 3. the SMTP username and 4. the SMTP password. These details can be obtained from your SMTP service provider.

For Sendgrid, you first need to create an API key, which you can do here. You must also ensure that this key is has “Mail” permissions, at least.

Now go to your Webinarigntition settings SMTP page. This can be accessed at

For the SMTP Host use:
For the Transfer Protocol: if your server will be using SSL, then choose SSL, otherwise choose TLS.
For the SMTP Username: use the exact text “apikey”. NB: This setting is the exact string "apikey" and not the API key itself.

Now specify your Email Sender Settings and save the WebinarIgnition SMTP settings form. Webinarignition will test your settings upon saving and let you know if it successfully send a test message, or not. If your test is unsuccessful, try a different port. If this is also unsuccessful, check with your hosting service provider if they have the SMTP ports enabled and the correct port numbers.

Old SMTP settings, looking new like described above!
You can learn in the following video how to setup the SMTP Services like Amazon, gmail, ..., and more about the mail sequences

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