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Quick start your Webinar the WordPress way (Gutenberg Editor)


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  • Webinar Name for URL
  • Webinar Title used in Notification, top of the webinar room (left), ...
  • Host name used in top of the webinar room (right)

  • Default design settings in in registration tab
  • or OWN design and add the registration functionality via shortcode
  • PageBuilder see video above all details see article
  • Autoplay video in details see article

  • Test MP4 (remove"#" from the link): https://webinarignition.com/#wp-content/uploads/2hoursstopwatch_web_6min.mp4
  • If site cached! If in browser incognito window does not work, like load times, exclude registration page from caching
  • Tawk.to Chat KB article
  • GiveAway: Redirect after webinar to https://webinarignition.com/#pricing instead of link inside the webinar and loose attention of the user. Sure name the GiveAway inside the webinar

Shortcut: Instead doing all yourself and learning the steps you can also import the settings ;-)
By pasting the code of the file inside the import field.

code is to big to share here so please click the link: 
2022/08/18 https://webinarignition.com/wp-content/uploads/import-KB1-Webinar.txt

From the https://webinarignition.com/demo/ with all the CTAs used in official DEMO.


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