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I Can't Activate My License

See this KB article on how to activate your license. This article has information for both new (after January 2021) users and those owning the old (pre-January 2021) licenses.

Registration Data Is Not Being Sent To My Autoresponder

Take a look at this tutorial and this one. While these tutorials discuss Aweber and Mailchimp integration, the principle is the same and should give you a good idea of what needs to be done, even if you’re using a different Autoresponder. NB: In most cases, the problem is that some hidden fields were not included in registration form, so pay attention to these.
My Notification Emails Are Not Being Sent.

Try this SMTP tutorial to help resolve the issue. WebinarIgnition now uses wordpress’s native functionality to send email notifications. This means that if you’re having issues with email notifications, the problem is most likely related to your server’s settings. As an example, some hosting providers block SMTP ports, preventing the SMTP service to be used at all. This does not necessarily mean that your emails won’t be sent, but rather that your emails will most likely go to the Spam folder. Aso note that Webinarignition will not send the same email twice; if you’re testing your registration form and have already completed a form, WebinarIgnition won’t send an email the second time around if you’re using the same email address again.

How Can I Integrate Zoom/Jitsi Or Any Live Stream Into WebinarIgnition?

WebinarIgnition will allow you to integrate any third party live-streaming service, especially if they allow you to copy and paste the iframe video code into your website. 

Article and overview: What kind of video sources can I use for live streaming and how to setup?

How Can I Integrate A Third-party Chat Service Into WebinarIgnition?

Watch this video tutorial here. Regardless of the chat service you’re using, the principle is the same: copy the html/Js code they provide and paste it into WebinarIgnition. Also note that a number of third-party livestreaming services (like Facebook Live and Jitsi) come with their own in-built chat, for free.

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