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A word or a sentence is not how you like it and you want to change it, then this article is for you.


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We step by step removing all the language translation fields from settings.
We then take the right strings directly from the language file.
Advantage with creating a new webinar all is default translated. 

When you now want to change, override any text translation only for your site then there is the the way described below: 

Thanks Ryk to show us how to use the WP language override function. 

  • With loco translation plugin
  • add the same language again in custom language folder to overwrite the default language.
  • Like english (USA) the plugin language, or German ect. 
  • Then only change the strings you need to change.
  • When saved they are overwritten. 
  • You can add the language over writing anytime to any existing language. 
  • Important is that you create a webinar with version 2.9.+.
  • Only in this way you add a language to your webinar which is independent to the site language. 

Please see also the add language article below. 

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