Trick how Zoom, Jitsi create your automated Webinars content

#2 Why use Zoom and WebinarIgnition together?


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You want to go one step further? Great.

Most learning by doing. Lets do live webinars with Zoom inside WebinarIgnition to have a good attendee onboarding/triggering (Confirmation-, Reminder emails, after Webinar emails, Show-up gifts, Multiple Call-To-Actions, ...).

You will love the double use of the live webinar with zoom, Jitsi: Make your audience happy and record the webinars for the Trick.

The Trick:

Turn the recorded live webinar into an evergreen/automated webinar by use the best recorded live variant and add it as a video file into a WebinarIgnition evergreen webinar.

Setup automated marketing boosts:

  • Offer show-up gifts
  • Setup Multiple Call-To-Actions (Chat, Shop, Polls, Appointments, ... )
All like you showed them in live webinar, but now triggered by the time of the video.

You like Jitsi meet or some other third party live-streaming service?

Check how they record the live webinar for you.

Use the free swiss army knife to convert all kinds of video files into .WEBM and .mp4.

We all love to see your success:

Please share your evergreen webinars with us, we will add, link some as reference on our sites/mail.

Hand-in your evergreen webinar link, teaser image and short description via the chat.

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