Integrate WP plugins, external sites inside your webinar room - Keep the CTAs and user inside the webinar

Do your webinar attendees leave your webinar when they click on action button?


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Do you like to add a countdown to actions and offers?

Your Solution for all 3 questions: Add unlimited interactions with countdowns inside evergreen/auto webinars!


  • Call-to-Actions overview
  • Video CTAs live examples and how to
  • CTA definition
  • CTAs in Evergreen and live
  • CTA-Shortcodes
  • CTA-IFrames (External content)
  • Countdown timer
  • Additional info
  • Demo link

00:11 Integrate a group chat plugin as an overlay or below the video

00:23 Integrate an WooCOmmerce Shop in inside the webinar

00:31 Countdown and external payment gateway with special offer

01:39 See Call to Actions setup and see that nearly anything can be added

03:48 See multiple webinar CTAs live and more details what can be integrated

04:58 See how free hurry up timer plugin and the CTA is setup

06:14 Read more in the Knowledge Base article (here)

07:26 Visit WebinarIgnition CTA Demo and save 35% on your first license payment


CTAs are used to track attention or to convert leads into customers. Their purpose is to get the attendee to take a specific action (hence "call to action").

Problem with common CTA Buttons is that you can trigger them only once.

Here is why: With a button you link to an external page and the attendee leaves the webinar. Nobody can predict if and when he comes back.

An other issue you are facing is by using evergreen and automated webinars you want to save time, but user do not feel like live webinar.

With the integrated Call-To-Actions your audience stays active inside the webinar.

Especially when using the countdown timer and the hiding CTAs you can push them.

This brings a conversation and a community feeling to the user.

We all know as better the users are feeling the more likely click to buy.

Tip: Test always in browser incognito mode, starting with the registration page.

How to:

In evergreen/automated webinars CTAs appear automatically/timed.

In Live webinars you can trigger the CTAs manually.

Add CTA content via shortcodes from any WP plugin you can find here

or add content by <html> or external content with <embed> or <iframe>.

Shortcode Example:

Use Simple Ajax Chat (completed free & open source) as webinar group chat:

Ask questions to audience like "How much experience you have with...?"

Audience ask questions like "How can i do xy with ...?"

1 column chat in sidebar? Add following CSS here:
WP-Backend / Settings / Simple Ajax Chat / Plugin settings / Appearance / Custom CSS styles

PS: Autofill the name in chat needed some custom code. We did this for you. For other plugins just write us in the chat.

PPS: Sure you can permanently show the chat, in the soon released webinar page template with sidebars. Or when you create your own webinar pages with the chat and add the webinar functions via shortcodes.

PPS: Find the right plugin in 9000 free plugins with Shortcodes by click here:

Warning! Use the shortcode only once in the webinar room! In sidebar OR CTA!
It shows both chats but only the first loaded is working well ;-)

Iframe Example:

Use WooCommerce (completed free & open source) as shop:


As coupon URL plugin is not working in iframe. I would suggest use the build-in simple add-to-cart function and add a hidden and discounted product into the cart.
Get the product ID from the URL, when edit the product 

PS: WooCommerce need to be installed on the same WP installation as WebinarIgnition to handle orders. Iframe from external sites not working, because WP save data only when on the same URL.

Idea: Use the free iframe plugin to only show selected parts of the page you want to integrate. Use the paid version to also add WooCommerce Shops from a different WP installation.
Both not tested yet, but will be tested by developer and used in the DEMO. Both versions have more not named here features.

External content example

Show content via <embed> or <iframe> Like the Freemius checkout below:

Countdown timer

We made the free HurryTimer plugin working with the CTAs


  1. Visit “HurryTimer > Add New Timer”.
  2. Choose between Evergreen, and One-time.
  3. Enter a period for “Evergreen” mode, or select a date and time for “One-Time” mode.
  4. Click on “Publish”.
  5. Copy shortCode and paste it into your post, page, or text widget content. You can also go to “WooCommerce” tab to integrate the countdown timer directly within a product page. (And you can show this page via iframe. Make sure WOO is installed on the same WP ;-) )

Multiple countdowns maybe possible but not tested yet.

Additional Info:

  • You can place the CTA-area anywhere on your webinar page with a shortcode like this: [wi_webinar_block id="24" block="webinar_cta"]. Please make your to set the CTA Position to "Outer" not "Overlay". (Auto webinar -> Auto Webinar Actions)
  • iframe and max height


See an evergreen webinar example with multiple CTAs, countdown and an irresistible WebinarIgnition offer combined. Click here

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