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How To Integrate Your Zoom Meetings Into Webinarignition


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Can i use ZOOM functions like breakout rooms, screen sharing,

listen to and see audience?


You have the audience in your ZOOM APP, like they connect directly via an ZOOM APP.

Can the audience share screen, video, voice, ...?

Yes. (May you need to give them the right to.)

Can i integrate other streaming services?

Yes. Integrate Jitsi meet, Youtube live, Facebook live ... in WebinarIgnition read more

To start, you will need to install the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin (by Deepen Bajracharya). 

Go to your WP Dashboard / Plugins / Install New Plugins, Search for “Video Conferencing with Zoom” and install it. 

After installing the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin you will need to get an API key and Secret key. Follow the directions mentioned in this plugin’s documentation to get your API key and Secret key. 

Specify these credentials in the plugin’s settings then save your changes. 

Once you have specified your API details and saved your changes, create your zoom meeting by going to the Zoom Meeting -> Add New page.

Once you have created the meeting, take note of the meeting ID as you will need this later for creating your shortcode. If you would like your attendees to sign into the meeting with a password, take note of the password as well.

Go to the Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin’s Settings page, then navigate to the Shortcode tab.
Scroll down to the “Embed Zoom Meeting in your Browser” option and copy this shortcode. It will be in the following form

[zoom_join_via_browser meeting_id="YOUR_MEETING_ID" login_required="no" help="no" height="400px" disable_countdown="yes" passcode="12345" webinar="no"]

Replace the text “YOUR_MEETING_ID” with the meeting ID you saved earlier when creating your meeting. If you would not like your users to have to specify a password, then paste in the password you copied earlier by replacing the “12345” text.

NB: Please test the shortcode first without WebinarIgnition on a wordpress page and then insert it into a webinar once you've confirmed that it works.

Now, finally, paste this shortcode in the “Video Embed Code” section of your webinar settings.

Preview your webinar page to ensure that you've done everything correctly.

NB: If you find that your layout is broken, make sure that your shortcode is of the following form; pay special attention to the "help" setting.


Please compare ZOOM Meeting and Webinar (Audience listening only)

We you only want to stream use google live or for more settings Vimeo.

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